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Will Spark™ share my email address?

Melissa Kim -

WidgetMakr only uses Spark™ donor email addresses in order to send emails required to support the donor’s Spark™ account. This includes, but is not limited to these examples:

  • A Spark™ user requests a new password
  • A Spark™ user makes a donation and is emailed a receipt or thank you
  • A Spark™ user requests assistance and is emailed by our customer support team
  • Any other account support related correspondence

We do not sell, rent, or barter email address to any third parties. This includes organizations that use WidgetMakr and Spark™. Organizations do not have access to your email until you provide it to them by submitting a donation or sign up form.

Once you have provided your email to an organization you support, we do not (and cannot) control how that organization will use your email address. Their use of your email address is governed by their own email use policy. It’s common for these organizations to send their own thank you emails to donors or to send periodic update emails. You may even get daily emails. These are controlled by the organization that you provided your email to and WidgetMakr cannot remove you from their list. Please contact the individual organization to be removed from their list.

You can contact us at if you require any assistance with your Spark™ account.

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