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What account settings can I update in Spark™?

Melissa Kim -

Below are the account settings that you can edit once you log into your Spark™ account: 


1. Donations Summary
Get a quick snapshot of your donation information and history as soon as you log into your Spark™  account. From here you can view the credit card information you have on file, see how many donations you have made through your Spark™ account, view who you have donated to, and view your current contact information.

2. My Donation History
Visit this tab to track all of your donations given to individual organizations. From here you can also print a receipt for each of your donations.

3. My Saved Card
This area gives you the ability to change your payment information at any time. You can also remove your card information completely. Simply visit this tab and select the appropriate option for you.

4. Edit Account Details
Donors also have the ability to change their contact information at any time. Go to this tab, to edit all contact information which can later be used to pre-fill future donation forms.

Click on the link below to download a fact sheet on Spark™ Donor Accounts.

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